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Making a positive difference in the world

When talking about making a positive difference in the world whether through work, hobby, or volunteer, you can generalize the job descriptions simply to two separate categories: I make a positive difference in the world by taking care of the bad guys I make a positive difference in the world by taking care of the good guys Can you take your job and map it to one of these categories? Some jobs have a more direct impact and reach to the above categories than others, but I would tend to say that Read more [...]

Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Yesterday was “take your child to work day” at Kroger corporate. This meant there were about 80 2nd through high school kids running around my building with more energy than I thought the Sun had to offer. But you know what made it even more entertaining? I was in charge of leading around a number of these little balls of energy! I had a group of 16 (8 of which showed up) 2nd to 4th grade kids, 4 boys and 4 girls, that I was in charge of bonding with, making them feel comfortable, and leading Read more [...]

White Death Fail

Fail! For those keeping up, I wrote last night about my 1996 Honda Civic which has over 250K miles on it not starting.  Well I am happy to report that the fail in this post is not the car's fault.  It is quite the opposite, really.  The car gave me hope, showed me that sometimes you just need a little loving.  But let's start back at the beginning... 7:15am Making my way outside, determination fills my mind.  I will make it to work!  After opening the driver door, the dome light is on.  Read more [...]

Another quarter done…

Another quarter has come and gone. After throwing together my degree completion plan for the Navy, I realize that I really don't have all too long left. Sure it is 2.5 years, but looking at the classes that are ahead of me, it should be a good time.While working with a few of my advisors I have found some classes that really perk my interest, like network security, artificial intelligence, data encryption, and all that geeky fun stuff. My final grades are officially posted, and I am very pleased: Technical Read more [...]

Alarm clocks…

Have you ever noticed how it is so much more difficult to get out of bed to an alarm clock, than it is to get out of bed when you just wake up. Even if it is in the middle of the night, and you wake up to go pee... I don't lay there thinking... only five more minutes... I get up and go pee. So basically, the ideal alarm clock would be something that makes you need to pee. I'll think about this one and get back to you. But really, I wake up in the morning, usually about 5:30 and think to myself, Read more [...]