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A family that dances together…

A few weeks back I picked up a Google Chromecast from Best Buy and got it all hooked up. Since then ... We have been dancing! The available features for the Chromecast on an iPhone are limited, but it does allow us to broadcast YouTube videos. And on the YouTube app, you can search and watch playlists. Hello Just Dance Kids! Now let me be a little candid here... It. Is. AWESOME! Little Lady is loving it. She dances in ways only a 2-year-old can dance and wears herself out. I Read more [...]

One Big Social Network

The Internet is rather popular. Well duh... What is interesting about the Internet being so popular is how people interact while on the Internet. There is this huge concept of social networks on the Internet. Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace ... Today I came across a tweet from Google introducing their new +1 button. It basically sounds a lot like the Facebook "Like" button. You click +1 on webpages and when your connected friends search for similar topics, they can see that you recommended Read more [...]

Who Doesn’t Use Google?

Back in the middle school when I first learned about the Internet, I remember the teacher telling us about search engines. We were assigned to look something up using a search engine. I don’t remember what the information was or which search engine it happened to be. But I do remember quickly finding Dogpile to be my favorite search engine. I don’t know if it was because of the name, or I actually thought I was getting the best results by using a search that searched many different search Read more [...]

Universal Google Identity

I absolutely love Google.  When I get to work in the morning, no kidding, the first things that open in my FireFox web browser are... Google Finance Google News Gmail And soon after there is sure to be a Google search that occurs. What I want to discuss, more specifically, is Google News.  My favorite thing about Google News is the amount of information provided in one place.  On the front page I have my major headlines broken into different categories (including one that is personalized Read more [...]

Google Notifier

Back in the days when I was a Windoze user **shudders** I would just keep a window of Gmail open, but minimized, so that I would know when I had a new message.  You see, Gmail puts how many unread messages you have in the title bar.  When I saw the light and switched over to a MacBook, I wasn't able to do this anymore. This is when I discovered the Google Notifiers. The two Google Notifiers that I use are for Gmail and for Google Calendars. When I have a new message, the icon on the menu bar Read more [...]