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Bad Advertising by Virgin America

Yes I realize that me writing a post on Virgin America (with links) just provides more free advertisement for them... but I have nothing against the company, just an ad I recently saw.  Virgin America actually is in good standing with me.  They sponsor one of my favorite podcasts, Diggnation. To the point though... one of their advertising ploys is showcasing the fact that every passenger has an individual outlet at their seat.  This is amazing!  I love it... it'd be great for my laptop.  When Read more [...]

Watsonville Fly-in and Air show

I went to the Watsonville Fly-in and Air show this past Saturday and had a great time. I wasn't really dressed for the weather though. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt with a hooded sweatshirt, but I kind of sat and shivered for the entire time I was there. I still managed to sun burn my nose and knees though, even though it was chilly, windy and cloudy. I loved watching the air show though. The clouds came down a little low at one point making it so that the second sky-diving act couldn't happen, Read more [...]

What to do with my Summer?

I picked up the local Silicon Valley entertainment/weekend newspaper to see what all goes on around here on the weekends.  I thought it would be nice to maybe go out and here some live music.  While browsing the pages, I came across a small ad with a biplane to catch my attention.  This weekend (Memorial Day weekend) there is an airshow!  With my huge infatuation with planes, I don't remember ever really going to an airshow.  I'd have to check with the parents though... So the 44th Annual Watsonville Read more [...] has Arrived!

Hello, World! I would like to introduce you to!Long awaited code name 'Project Melon' is now being released to the world. I teamed up with my little brother, Tyler, and we have created a site I am rather proud of. Tyler is a whiz at the graphics, so he took on the challenge of creating the flash animation that is the homepage, and I took care of the business related/advertising/finances areas along with creating and maintenance of our databases through the HTML pages. (asp is my Read more [...]

Flight Lesson 17 – Is this plane airworthy???

Arriving at Lunken as the sun was dipping past the horizon, it was a strange feeling... Usually I'm leaving the airport at this time, not just getting here. Tonight, we start night flight with a nighttime cross-country... and I don't think anything more could have decided otherwise for us.During preflight we were checking lights and noticed that the landing light was out of commission. Kind of against regs to fly without the landing light... but, we'll survive. We still have our strobes and nav Read more [...]