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Needy Giant Lapdog

I've written about our quirky pup, Jolie, previously.  She's so special... Well in the post linked above I talked about how she will try and escape baby gates to get away from sounds.  I didn't mention what she will do at night ... attempt to crawl into bed with us if a sound annoys her the wrong way.  Well this quirk has moved down to yet another location. Now she targets our laps while we sit on the couch. When down on the couch, working on the laptop, watching TV, reading a book, Read more [...]

Goodbye Friend

Saying goodbye to a pet is of course very difficult.  I have not been able to spend much time with Maggie over the last few years due to being away from Cincinnati.  She lived with my parents. We got her right before my Senior year in High School.  She was a puppy full of life that struggled with authority.  For a while we weren't sure whether we were going to be able to keep her due to those personality issues.  As time progressed, though, we realized that she had a few issues more than Read more [...]

Jolie the quirky dog

I love Jolie.  I really do... but she is one weird pup. We have had Jolie for about as long as we have had Little Lady.  On the tail end of a jog about 16 months ago, Wife and I found four pups and a momma dog wandering the neighborhood.  For those that have spent any time in San Antonio, you know that this is not unusual.  There are all sorts of stray animals that roam the streets.  Really quite sad. But keeping a long story brief, we found the foster owner that was watching the dogs Read more [...]

Crypie Humor: Office Window Rain

Sure has been a LOT of rain in San Antonio the last few days!  It doesn't rain very often here... but when it does... it pours, it floods, it gets muddy, it is nasty! I think the mud is the worst part of the rain. We have a decent size back yard.  We do not have a decent amount of grass. When the rain comes, Wife and I dread letting the dogs out into the backyard.  We know that when they come back to the door their paws will be caked in mud.  Not fun to clean off the dogs and not Read more [...]

Good Girl

Sometimes I wonder if growing up with dogs my entire life wasn't necessarily the best thing... You see, now that I have a daughter, I have this weird mindset where I compare everything she does to the what the dogs can do.  On the plus side I am completely amazed with what Little Lady has been doing recently.  Recognizing songs and singing "Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh", finding her baby doll and putting her in a toy stroller to push around, climbing into the laundry hamper and looking all cute... Ok, so the Read more [...]