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iOS: HTML Playground

What is geekier than coding your own iPhone and iPad app?  How about coding your own coding app for iPhone and iPad? Yup, it has been done! Let me introduce you to.... HTML Playground! AppStore: PawApps: I battled the Apple AppStore approval process on this one for a little bit, but it finally made it last night and has been having a great first day out in the wild. Here is a quick Read more [...]

iPhone/iPad Tutorial: Disable home button and touch

Intro: ! ! Attention all parents that let their kids use an iPhone or iPad ! ! This... is... amazing... Did you know that you can very simply disable the home button and touch on the screen?  I did not, but now I know. This has been one of my huge annoyances with video chatting using FaceTime or Skype.  Little Lady means no harm, but just enjoys pushing all the buttons she sees both on the screen and physical.  And now the annoyance will be no more 🙂 For max awesomeness, below Read more [...]

Making a positive difference in the world

When talking about making a positive difference in the world whether through work, hobby, or volunteer, you can generalize the job descriptions simply to two separate categories: I make a positive difference in the world by taking care of the bad guys I make a positive difference in the world by taking care of the good guys Can you take your job and map it to one of these categories? Some jobs have a more direct impact and reach to the above categories than others, but I would tend to say that Read more [...]

Daddy/Daughter FaceTime

One of my favorite things to do when I'm away from the family is to video chat.  Generally at least once a day we'll load up FaceTime or Skype; Wife and I will chat while Little Lady plays with toys.  Recently, Little Lady has taken a liking to carrying me and my vehicle of a phone around with her wherever she's walking at the moment.  I love having the ability to 'hang out' with her even while hundreds or thousands of miles away.  And to make it even better when the video first shows up on Read more [...]