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Photos in iMovie Trailers

I decided to play around with the iMovie 11 and its new Trailers templates.  The family and I had gone out Ice Skating earlier in the evening and I thought it would be fun to put together a little video trailer from pictures and video we took while at the rink.  Much to my surprise it seems as though iMovie Trailers do not allow photos to be used as clips.  Well poo to that! I don't want iMovie telling me what I am and what I am not allowed to use in my trailer, especially when I didn't really Read more [...]

Print Screen or Capture

One area that takes a little getting used to on a Mac is the process of doing a print screen. However, once you realize the process, you will forever love the Mac for it. On Windows machines, there is a button on the keyboard for print screen, and with some button combination I can not remember (shift?) you'll only capture a windows. This is all possible and more (of course) on the Mac. I think this will be easiest if I just list off some of the possibilities. Command+Shift+3 This is your normal Read more [...]

CLI System Profiler

The once upon a time Apple System Profiler, now just System Profiler is an amazing CLI (command line interface) tool.  If you need some quick information on your computer put into a shell script of some sort, parsing through System Profiler is a very easy way to do it.  For your initial reference, you can check the man pages on System Profiler by typing: man system_profiler This will give you all the details you'd want to know about passing certain flags. What I want to do is give you a quick Read more [...]

Google Notifier

Back in the days when I was a Windoze user **shudders** I would just keep a window of Gmail open, but minimized, so that I would know when I had a new message.  You see, Gmail puts how many unread messages you have in the title bar.  When I saw the light and switched over to a MacBook, I wasn't able to do this anymore. This is when I discovered the Google Notifiers. The two Google Notifiers that I use are for Gmail and for Google Calendars. When I have a new message, the icon on the menu bar Read more [...]