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  Over the last few years, the quantity and quality of edutainment videos to hit the mainstream have gone through the roof!  PBS has always prided itself with kids shows that bring educational value in a entertaining manner, but nothing compares to what YouTube has brought to the masses. Many of my favorite YouTube channels teach me every day about Physics, Chemistry, how the world works, Politics, Governments and a very wide variety of levels.  Much of the time giving enough taste Read more [...]

iOS: HTML Playground

What is geekier than coding your own iPhone and iPad app?  How about coding your own coding app for iPhone and iPad? Yup, it has been done! Let me introduce you to.... HTML Playground! AppStore: PawApps: I battled the Apple AppStore approval process on this one for a little bit, but it finally made it last night and has been having a great first day out in the wild. Here is a quick Read more [...]

iPhone/iPad Tutorial: Disable home button and touch

Intro: ! ! Attention all parents that let their kids use an iPhone or iPad ! ! This... is... amazing... Did you know that you can very simply disable the home button and touch on the screen?  I did not, but now I know. This has been one of my huge annoyances with video chatting using FaceTime or Skype.  Little Lady means no harm, but just enjoys pushing all the buttons she sees both on the screen and physical.  And now the annoyance will be no more 🙂 For max awesomeness, below Read more [...]

Patriotic Zombie Cafe

I am definitely a geek... but no, I am not really a gamer. When we were little, my older brother and I had a Nintendo (NES).  And other than that one time I got in big trouble for pinching him because I felt it should be my turn, I was mostly content watching him play through levels. Breaking blocks and stomping Koopas, slashing swords in Astynax,  jumping through an almost 3D course in Q*bert, feeding weird flavored recipes to a blob, and of course shooting ducks, clay pigeons and laughing Read more [...]

WordPress: Fixing old addresses when modifying permalinks

With all the recent changes in this site I've been spending a lot of time learning about and digging around in .htaccess files.  There is a lot of really neat things you can do in that file. The one thing I wanted to share this evening was how to fix your old addresses if you update your permalinks in WordPress.  What WordPress updates on its own is a little bit of a mystery to me.  It updated for some permalink modifications (to a structure that included the category) but for others it did Read more [...]