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Mystery•Sound Podcast

I just released the first episode of my first ever podcast... Mystery•Sound Podcast! Mystery•Sound Podcast is a short, weekly, audio podcast that will play a sound.  This sound could be anything!  Maybe it is nails on a chalkboard, the keys of a computer clicking, deck of cards being shuffled, … Here’s how this works.  Every Monday morning @ 6:00 AM (EST) when the podcast is released, you can download the podcast through your favorite podcast feed, or come directly to the site Read more [...]

No Consequence Predictions

I think everyone in Cincinnati, Ohio should prepare themselves for disaster.  I predict that tomorrow, February 9th, 2009, an asteroid may come blazing from the heavens and plant itself right on Fountain Square. You have been warned. Nonsense, yeah?  I hate how people of influence, mainly political, make no consequence predictions.  This is a prediction where if you are wrong, so what? Let's take for example a few days ago when our just recent Vice-President, Dick Cheney told the world Read more [...]

Saving the world, take me out to the ball game

Call up Miss America, I have the solution to world peace. Two words: The Wave Now there is not a single person out there on the interwebs that is going to be able to convince me that the wave would not create world peace.  Think about it.  You are at a baseball game, both teams have fans in the stands, yelling and screaming, chearing their own team and cursing the other. And then some guy steps down in front of section 310 and looks like he's doing the shout dance.  But he's not doing Read more [...]

Blogging on

No real need to post this here, but thought I would just share more as an FYI. I have started a blog over on which will basically be a repost of selected entries on this site (  My reasons for doing this, are the same reasons why people sell items on Amazon instead of selling from their own personal website, more traffic flow.  I love to write, and would love to share my blog with a larger audience.  So my little experiment is to put selected entries Read more [...]

House Trained by God

Why is it that the church always belittles our end of our relationship with God? I was always taught that we were created in God's image and that God created man for companionship.  After creating Adam in the Garden of Eden from dust, and creating a companion for Adam, Eve, from his rib, what did God do?  He walked with them through the Garden, companionship. So where is this all coming from?  Yesterday, I was sitting in church listening to the sermon, and the preacher kept repeatedly making Read more [...]