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High school football fans say…. WE SUCK!

It is the first football game of the season and the stands are filled with High School Football fanatics! They are cheering on their kids, their friends, their Alma Mater... GO DARBY GO! GO DARBY GO! ... The clock is stopped at 30 seconds with the score tied at 14 apiece, its fourth down and inches for Darby on the defenses 20-yard line... This is what football is all about! The teams break from their huddles and meet at the line muttering inaudible profanities and threats of 'taking you down' Read more [...]

A bit about car alarms…

When was the last time that you were walking through a parking lot and somewhere off in the distance heard a car alarm go off and immediately whipped out your cell phone to dial 9-1-1 while thinking... Oh no! Somebody's car is being broken into! I must notify the authorities!That just plain doesn't happen.I have thought about this often and was hit hard on the point this morning when I woke up to someone’s car alarm going off outside my house. I don't live in the nicest of neighborhoods down Read more [...]

Stolen Goods – $6298

Over the past week I received two emails from Paypal telling me that my request to withdrawal money was approved and there was going to be a transfer to my bank account. Great I thought, if I have a balance for a certain number of days, it will automatically be put into my checking account... no hassle, right?I check my Paypal account yesterday and see that I received two payments for $3,200! Both of them were immediately transferred out to the bank account... however... checking my bank accounts, Read more [...]

I have the urge….

Do you ever just really get in the mood to do something? Maybe you wake up one morning and you think to yourself, you know? I am really in the mood to go for a jog. Or one evening you are sitting around with friends watching TV or something and you get the urge... you know? I am really in the mood to go bowling. Well lately, I've been in the mood... yes, I have been in the mood to write.Exciting! I know ;-)I really enjoy writing in this blog day to day. Ever since this blog started, I have Read more [...]

I killed a tree…

One of my weekly tasks here at work is to compile the support recap documents for our 1pm meeting every Monday. These reports are usually 7ish pages long, so I print them 2-sided. Save the trees!Let me tell you a little more about this particular meeting and report. This report is a pain to compile because it is pulling together everyone's support calls for the past week. This of course wouldn't be too difficult if people knew how to put their calls into the call tracker correctly... but they Read more [...]