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Patriotic Zombie Cafe

I am definitely a geek... but no, I am not really a gamer. When we were little, my older brother and I had a Nintendo (NES).  And other than that one time I got in big trouble for pinching him because I felt it should be my turn, I was mostly content watching him play through levels. Breaking blocks and stomping Koopas, slashing swords in Astynax,  jumping through an almost 3D course in Q*bert, feeding weird flavored recipes to a blob, and of course shooting ducks, clay pigeons and laughing Read more [...]


My marching band days are long over, but I still remember the energy and the way it felt coming off the field after an amazing performance.  Whether it was the football field at our high school or the football field where the Colts (used to) play, the RCA Dome, no field was too small for a great performance! There is beauty in coordination.  You see it everywhere.  When a complex machine works to complete a task, there is marvel at the insight, engineering and ingenuity that went into the Read more [...]

Music is…

I'm no stranger to music.  I have spent many afternoons, mornings and nights making, listening, and celebrating music. Music is... ... not constrained to three dimensions ... unique to each set of ears ... expression ... part of your identity ... an art ... free ... what you want it to be ... culture ... stimulating ... relaxing ... refreshing ... good Check out this video:   Read more [...]

Steven Curtis Chapman – I Will Be Here

Recently I have been playing a lot of guitar.  It was my first purchase after receiving my first paycheck from the Navy.  I am by no means fantastic at it, but I love learning new songs.  I have always known a few chords and plucked around on my dad's guitar, but since having my own, I have taken more of a liking to finger picking.  I don't have the finger nails for the real nice sound, but I'd prefer the softer tone and shorter nails than having to worry about my finger nails. Anyways, here Read more [...]