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This I Believe – What is the Value of a Human Life?

I always enjoy listening to the This I Believe podcasts. Today's was an especially thought provoking episode. In it, Washington attorney Kenneth Feinberg talks about his job past and present of putting a value on a human life. After September 11th, his daunting task was to give a 'fair' monetary coverage to the families of those who's lives were lost. Click the triangle to listen For the full story, please visit this episodes NPR site. Read more [...]

The importance of being busier than you

Isn't it funny how we compare ourselves for self-satisfaction or maybe competition with others. During a busy week at school, you can hear any kid (myself included) going up and down the halls to and from classes complaining to friends and acquaintances alike, "I was so busy last night, you have no idea." The last part, an unneeded appendage to the complete substance of the sentence, you have no idea, says it all. It says "I am so busy and so important, you wouldn't know what that is like." Read more [...]

This I Believe – The Universe is Conspiring to Help Us

I enjoy podcasts. I get much of my daily news and some entertainment through this medium. One podcast that I subscribe to is the NPR: This I Believe series, which is people who write essays and read them telling what they believe. It is usually an interesting story that is heartfelt and uplifting. After this weeks was downloaded, I felt that I had to share it a little further. It is really that good of an essay. I am a person who believes that everyone is good somewhere within and that everyone Read more [...]

High school football fans say…. WE SUCK!

It is the first football game of the season and the stands are filled with High School Football fanatics! They are cheering on their kids, their friends, their Alma Mater... GO DARBY GO! GO DARBY GO! ... The clock is stopped at 30 seconds with the score tied at 14 apiece, its fourth down and inches for Darby on the defenses 20-yard line... This is what football is all about! The teams break from their huddles and meet at the line muttering inaudible profanities and threats of 'taking you down' Read more [...]

UTube and YouTube – so close but yet so different

I heard about the troubles with UTube a few years back, but hadn't heard anything surface since... until is the website for Universal Tube, a tube and pipe manufacturing company found in Toledo, of northern Ohio. Back in 1996 Universal Tube opened its website to the public in hopes of driving buyers through an easy online purchase process. It was a success! About 75% of their current business now goes through their website which was getting about 1,000 hits per Read more [...]