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Welcome Home!

I love coming home to my family!  It never gets old.  Whether gone for a few hours, days or weeks ... pulling up to the curb, looking the house over, cutting across the front yard, and opening the front door ... to the cheers, applause, accolades, hugs and kisses of my adoring Wife and two girls. Ok, so maybe every time I walk in the front door it isn't as magical a moment as said.  But more often than not, even if there is crying or fighting going on somewhere in the house when I walk Read more [...]

Diaper Allergies

  Despite my best attempts ... I am yet to convince Wife that I have an allergy to diapers. Where allergies and diapers do in fact overlap, though, is when it comes to changing the SUPER stinky ones.  Yup, quality wise we're talking poop the consistency of oatmeal amply laced with honey.  It's the kind that wafts while the diaper is still firmly secured.  Quantity wise we're talking about when you can see the creep towards the legs of the diaper or up the back.  This is when allergies Read more [...]

Real-time Dreaming

Do you dream in real-time? That is ... chronological, one minute in dream world equals one minute passing in real world? I'm pretty sure you, and I as well, do not. "Jason ... what's your data?" Good question!  Let's look at a very specific dream, the telephone ringing. In your dreams at night, if your phone rings, or your alarm clock rings, much of the time you will think that the phone is ringing in your dream.  You will in fact visualize the phone ringing, nearby, far away, doesn't Read more [...]


(image from...) Haircuts in my life are one of those necessary evils... just like eating.  I would much rather spend my time doing something else because give it a little time... and we are right back to where we were previously... hungry and shaggy. Being a Sailor brings with it the need for a lot of haircuts. Before ever joining the Navy, Wife (then Girlfriend) agreed to start cutting my hair.  Seemed like a good plan to me.  I didn't really care how it turned out, and the price was Read more [...]

Alan Shepard: My first look-a-like in space

Just received a letter (yes a real letter) in the mail that had a paragraph that read as follows: I was looking at my Alan Sheppard stamps and realized there is an incredible resemblance there to you. No... I thought.  My correspondance and I have not exactly spent a lot of time in each other's company, so he must be mistaken.   Bam!  There it was... sure enough. I gave it to Wife to check out and without hesitation... "Is that you?" Upon MUCH further observation I think Read more [...]