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Video tour of North Korea

Lots of articles posted yesterday regarding the 60th anniversary of the Korean Armistice.  A story from AP seemed to take the cake with 26 images from all perspectives of the celebration. Did you know that North Korea is in possession of the only US Navy ship that is on this day, held captive? A tour of the USS Pueblo along with a lot more is found in the below video series.  The guy featured in the video is a little rough around the edges, but the images and experience he captures is Read more [...]

Writing actual real letters with postage

Snail mail gets such a bad and unmerited reputation.  The firstness (yes I can make up words, it is my blog) of it is that it really isn't all that slow... As cited by the screen scrape below, letters sent locally arrive within one day 96% of the time and letters sent nationwide arrive within three days 94% of the time. That's a better success rate on trip time than I have when Wife sends me to the store to pick up milk! The secondness (and really more importantly) of the matter is Read more [...]

Secret underground military bunker filled with history

This is every kid's dream. It sure is!  The title is enough to wet anyone's appetite for adventure.  Cue imagination and hold on tight, this real life secret underground military bunker was stumbled upon in France. Now for the best part. Not only are you having a blast pretending to be Indiana Jones exploring a once-secret military bunker, you come across abandoned military equipment! You first come across a rusting pair of German 77-mm cannons from World War I. It gets even better, as you Read more [...]

Universal Google Identity

I absolutely love Google.  When I get to work in the morning, no kidding, the first things that open in my FireFox web browser are... Google Finance Google News Gmail And soon after there is sure to be a Google search that occurs. What I want to discuss, more specifically, is Google News.  My favorite thing about Google News is the amount of information provided in one place.  On the front page I have my major headlines broken into different categories (including one that is personalized Read more [...]