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Workplace Waltz (Destroyer style…)

This morning I had an experience that I felt was comical and worthy of sharing here, but when I sat down to start typing, something felt eerily familiar... Turns out that, even though I forgot both my coffee (more on this below) and lunch at home this morning, I could somehow almost sorta kinda remember writing about the exact same topic here on this blog a few years back (yes, that's May of 2009)... Quick search... and VOILA, there it was!  So without further adieu (so much French today...), Read more [...]

Happy Birthday Little Lady!

There's really no way around it, missing birthdays ... sucks. Unfortunately I am off to a poor start for Little Lady's birthday record.  0 for 2. I was there for the initial birth <space> day, though, for which I am extremely grateful. But I guess that is just one of the quirks that comes with the job, of being a Navy Daddy.  Wife is a superstar, though.  She made sure we were able to celebrate with a birthday (pan)cake a few mornings ago, candles and everything.  It was quite Read more [...]

Video tour of North Korea

Lots of articles posted yesterday regarding the 60th anniversary of the Korean Armistice.  A story from AP seemed to take the cake with 26 images from all perspectives of the celebration. Did you know that North Korea is in possession of the only US Navy ship that is on this day, held captive? A tour of the USS Pueblo along with a lot more is found in the below video series.  The guy featured in the video is a little rough around the edges, but the images and experience he captures is Read more [...]

Afghanistan Memory Memorial and Air Force Band

Weeknights are generally fairly consistent around our house.  Home from work -> play with the kid -> dinner -> bath -> bed.  We had a nice change of pace yesterday, though. Over the weekend, read an article in the Navy Times about Ron White, who is a memory champion as well as a former Navy Reserve IS1 (Intelligence Specialist, First Class).  He has decided to pay his respects to the nearly 2,200 US Military members that have made the ultimate sacrifice over the last 12 years in Read more [...]

Book Review: Six Frigates

Wow ... Six Frigates by Ian W. Toll was a marathon read.  And not like a sitting for 26 hours straight never wanting to put the book down.  More of the ... took somewhere near 26 week sto read... Don't get me wrong.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I learned A LOT from the 482 pages of riveting Navy history. It was just a long read.  And it read a bit like a text book much of the time. Before the ink was dry on the U.S. Constitution, the establishment of a permanent military became Read more [...]