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House Trained by God

Why is it that the church always belittles our end of our relationship with God? I was always taught that we were created in God's image and that God created man for companionship.  After creating Adam in the Garden of Eden from dust, and creating a companion for Adam, Eve, from his rib, what did God do?  He walked with them through the Garden, companionship. So where is this all coming from?  Yesterday, I was sitting in church listening to the sermon, and the preacher kept repeatedly making Read more [...]

Hello, God… What do you say?

I was born and raised in a Bible-believing, church-going family. We would say our prayers before going to sleep every night and say grace before each meal, thanking God that we are blessed with such good fortune. The question I have here is, after talking to God, how do we listen to God? I am sure there are probably half a million books out there on the topic, but if I just went and found one of them, I wouldn't have the fun of putting together this post now would I?This morning while getting Read more [...]

Being an open-minded church goer

I am always too skeptical when I go to new churches.This morning I met Dan and Katie at Crossroads Community Church up near Norwood. I know a few people that attend this church, and just from looking on the outside I knew it was a big church. I wasn't prepared for when I walked in the doors though. We all literally thought we were in a children's museum, such as COSI. The lobby is a huge open area with coffee stands littered about the room and even a soda machine with 'coffee shmoffee' labeled Read more [...]

Exorcise Daily

With tomorrow being Easter, many people are deciding to which church they will descend to and bless with their presence for services. Now its good that these people make the effort to go to church at all, but you have to wonder, if you only go on Easter, what's the point? Is Easter worth double? If so, does Christmas count for more as well? I don't think God has set point values for attending church.How bad is church really? Well, this one Sunday... we learned about loving our neighbors and Read more [...]

The Homeless Union

This morning, on the way into church, a man with nasty teeth, a need for a shave, and an even greater need for a shower was standing outside the entrance asking those coming in if they could spare a dollar so he could get lunch. Usually, I'll give a dollar to those who ask, if I do indeed (and it is rare) have cash on me. This time I thought I'd try something different.(Reaches hand out for a hand shake)"You spare a few dollars for food?"(I acknowledge and return the hand shake)"Well how about Read more [...]