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My new friend, Rochester

Yesterday I was sitting at work doing the normal work, minding my own business when all of a sudden, Rochester brought himself into my life. I look down and what do I see, this itsy bitsy tiny little beetle bug crawling around between my iMac keyboard and my MacBook. At first he startled me! I didn’t know what to do with him, so I thought I would take a post it note and give him a lift to paradise… the garbage can!

But I didn’t.

I then sat there for a few minutes watching him move around wiggling his little antennas around to and fro just exploring. As I watched him, I was thinking about his little buggy shell and realized, you know what? He looks like a tiny little miniature cockroach. I mean of course I know he’s not, but with his dark shell and legs wiggling around, yeah, kinda like a cockroach. I’m gonna call him Rochester!

We became very good friends very quickly. I let him crawl under the dark places where folders and laniards were laying on my desk, and he provided me a little bit of entertainment. After a few minutes I started doing my work again, but every now and then I’d see him crawl around between laptop and hiding. After about a half hour I didn’t see him anymore.

Where’s Rochester?

I didn’t see him for the rest of the day. I was worried! When I got into work this morning I looked around and decided that Rochester was gone… passed on to a better place (probably the break room). I went about my daily work and what do you know… around 11am who pokes his head out from behind the MacBook, ROCHESTER!

I was very excited. I told all my friends Rochester was back. I had told most of them last night that Rochester had gone missing. Some took great concern, others shook their heads. I don’t take offense, they haven’t met Rochester, they don’t know how it is.

Rochester seemed to be moving a little slower today, so i got a crumb of a gold fish cracker and set it near the edge of my desk. Then i took my water and put a little drop (swimming pool size for Rochester) next to the crumb of gold fish cracker. I never saw Rochester actually go for the food, but I know he appreciates it. He let me take his picture a few times (which I will include below).

I’m not too worried about Rochester tonight. He disappeared a little while after I took the pictures. All the excitement probably wore him out, so he probably took a nap.

I hope to see him tomorrow!

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