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Book Review: Faith Of My Fathers

Continuing on my military/Navy booklist, I just finished reading John McCain's "Faith Of My Fathers."  It took me a little while to get into the book as when I first started reading it.  I was in the process of moving and getting married.  But now that things have gotten back to more of a routine, the pages of the book flew by. For those that don't know, John McCain, yes the Republican presidential nominee of 2008 comes from a high and mighty lineage of top brass in the Navy.  Both his father Read more [...]

The Pointy End of Raindrops

Today, Melissa and I finally got back out to where we made our first jump of 2010.  I could not believe it had been nearly 9 months since my last jump!  Both of us had made 17 jumps, which isn't enough for a license, but done with all the classroom material.  So we needed a refresher jump with an instructor before we could go back to jumping on our own. That's all fine and dandy, both of us liked the idea of having a little coaching and reminders on emergency procedures and Read more [...]