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Book Review: Lone Survivor

Last night, I finished Marcus Luttrell and Partrick Robinson's book, "Lone Survivor". It was rather interesting. Marcus Luttrell is a Navy SEAL that during Operation Redwing was as the title says (and not giving away much of the story) the lone survivor. Overall, it was a very quick read.  The book reads in a very personal fashion from Luttrell's perspective.  He makes no attempt to hide his opinions about politics, news corporations, nor how awesome the Navy SEALs truly are. The aspect Read more [...]

Christian Spammer

You know how you sometimes get urgent letters from the chancellor of Nigeria's brother's second cousin's financial adviser saying that if you wire $10 to some remote location to help the Prince's dog get a rabies shot they will repay you with 1 bazillion dollars? Well recently I got an email from a "man" named Michael Dale. Let me tell you a little bit about Michael Dale.  Well actually, let me quote his email and he will tell you a little bit about himself: Bro. Michael Dale,The legal adviser Read more [...]

Battery Life Management

Today while sitting in class I was thinking about the different ways that I prolong my battery life on my MacBook.  These ways basically come down to the brightness of my screen and what I am doing on my computer. If I am on YouTube or some other Flash intensive sites, my battery will die very quickly.  Flash sucks.  But if I limit the amount of Flash use in conjunction with limiting the brightness of my screen, my 2.5 year old battery will easily last me 4 or 5 hours. With this thought Read more [...]