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A pyramid scheme that just might work!

You know how pyramid schemes work, right?  A single person starts the "company" and recruits others to join the "company".  The way you join this company is you pay an enrollment fee.  Then your only job is to recruit more people to said company.  When person A recruits person B and C, the enrollment fees from B and C are split between person A and whoever recruited A.  When you visualize the hierarchy, it kind of looks like a pyramid, where the person who starts the company is at the very Read more [...]

Redbox Coupon Codes

Have you seen or rented movies from a Redbox yet?  They are those giant red machines in Krogers that have a computer screen for renting movies.  Pretty cheap in fact, just $1 per day! I was very excited about the movie G-Force (Redbox|IMDB) coming out in the Redbox yesterday (12/15/09).  So during the day I was randomly searching online about Redbox, to make sure it was actually the day that the movie was available. In my searching I found the following site: InsiderRedbox Read more [...]

Lasik: Day after

I went to my day after follow up appointment at LasikPlus this morning.  Just 19 hours after the surgery which includes "day of" nap and a full night of sleep last night, my vision is at 20/15!  That is the same quality of vision I had with my glasses! Everything is looking great today.  Last night things were clearing up quickly but I could tell that something was a little bit off.  Today the 'off' sensation is still there a little bit, but very minimal.  The main thing is that I still feel Read more [...]

Lasik: Evening after

Today was the big day, I went under the knife (laser) and got a new set of eyes! My appointment was for 3:00pm this afternoon and I showed up at LasikPlus about 2:40pm.  There was no need to get there that early as Melissa and I just sat there until 3:00pm.  3:00pm on the dot, however, the secretary called me up to sign my papers. LasikPlus didn't have written down that I was going to get Lasik, but only had PRK approved on my form.  This was because that is what I was talking most about Read more [...]

Lasik: Before

Introduction I started wearing glasses in the 6th grade.  My older brother had started wearing glasses not long before so for one reason or another I was kind of excited about getting my own glasses.  Goodness, how the mentality has changed. I just scheduled my Lasik appointment for this upcoming Monday, December 14th at LasikPlus Vision Institute.  Over the past week I have visited four different clinics in the Cincinnati area: Midwest Eye Center Lasik Vision Institute LasikPlus Vision Read more [...]