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I made my own WordPress theme

I finally started taking care of what was long overdue.  I started making myself a WordPress (the application I use for this blog) theme. For a long time I had been wanting to make my blog look like it was actually a part of my site (with the look and feel of things) and I think I have rather successfully put together an ok first draft.  There are a few things that need to be fixed/added, but all in good time. Right now, my blog looks like the rest of my site, it has my totally awesome navigation Read more [...]

I Like Facebook Ads

So many people complain about online advertising.  It gets in the way, it is overbearing, it is irrelevant, it never leads to 'valid' websites, there is too much of it!  And really trully honestly I agree.  However, Facebook has done an outstanding job, in my opinion, of making the advertising on their site not only bearable, but to a point where it enhances my Facebook experience. Let me first tell you a little bit about how the advertising campaigns on Facebook work.  Anyone can advertise Read more [...]

SCUBA Lesson #4

Last scuba lesson, woot! Today was the big day for the classroom and pool part of scuba lessons.  Melissa and I went in for our 50 question, written exam and a few last techniques in the pool. When we first got to the dive shop, we both had decided to purchase a few more items with the ScubaPro December special.  This special included a BCD, first and second stage regulator, Air2 (octo that attaches to the BCD), and gauges (submersible pressure gauge), and a free wrist computer. From the Read more [...]

SCUBA Lesson #3

Over half way done with scuba lessons.  I really look forward to getting down to Scuba Shack each week and taking a dive in the pool, so much fun.  I can not wait to dive shipwrecks and plane wrecks though.  The fish will be great, but I want to see the wreck sites.  I hear there are some good ones up in Lake Eerie. So lesson 3 was good.  Back to our Sunday time with our Sunday instructor.  We spent the first bit of time going over the chapter questions for the last two chapters in our book, Read more [...]

Qantas Pilot Gripe Sheet

Normally I don't use my blog as a method of email fwd, but this was too good to pass up.  And heck... its my blog so I can post whatever I want. Remember it takes a college degree to fly a plane but only a high school diploma to fix one. Reassurance for those of us who fly routinely in our jobs. After every flight, Qantas pilots fill out a form, called a "gripe sheet," which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems document their repairs on the form, Read more [...]