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Headed under water

Keeping my feet on the ground just doesn't cut it.  Yesterday, I registered for SCUBA lessons at The Scuba Shack.  Myself and Melissa start lessons next Sunday, 11/30/2008.  We picked up our required gear and are very excited to get started.  It did cost a pretty penny for initial costs, but hoping to get a little bit of that offset as I am asking for SCUBA money for Christmas. I figure I will do with these SCUBA posts a lot like I did with my Flying Lessons posts.  After each lesson/outing, Read more [...]

Jenny and Tyler

Kudos to Facebook advertising.  It finally got one right! I enjoy checking out the advertising on Facebook because it 'knows' a little bit about you.  This time around, FB knew that one of my favorite bands (which is my all-time favorite) is Nickel Creek, so an advertisement for a duet called (by their real names) Jenny and Tyler.  Checking out their homepage, they have a little flash player playing through some of their songs on their album. It is lots of fun to listen to.  Their voices Read more [...]

What is wrong with people?

== Update - 12/22/2008 == My car was broken into last night.  They busted out the back right window.  They made a mess looking around the glove compartment, but looks like they only got away with my change drawer.  They made $1.50 and further proves my point that Clifton sucks. == end update == I have been thinking about writing a post like this for some time, but with recent events, I decided now is the time. Let me ask you a question... what is wrong with people?  Why do people think Read more [...]

A little post-election political talk

Let's talk a little bit about politics, shall we?  First off, let's get a few things about me, personally, out on the table. I cast my vote for Barack Obama on November 4, 2008 I am a Christian that is pro-life, so yes, I believe abortion is wrong Now that we have those two tidbits out of the way our talk can commence.  During my normal daily/hourly run down of the Google News headlines, I came across this article titled, "Under God: Priest Calls Vote for Obama a Mortal Sin".  This article Read more [...]