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Birds have started to take over our house... It started last night when I was sitting up on the couch working with Mandy on one of her Java programming projects.  Sean comes up and says that he thinks we have an animal in our water heater.  I head down to the basement, and sure enough, in the steam tube on top of the water heater we hear some scratching noises.  All of a sudden, out of the bottom of the tube, I see a little head poke through.  At first I thought it was a bat.  But once realizing Read more [...]

Welcome to Apple

I got a FedEx package that had 'Welcome to Apple' written on it! That's right, I will be working for Apple come Spring and Summer quarters.  I will be headed out to Cupertino, California to work for Apple's Architecture and Performance hardware group.  I am very excited about the opportunity to work for Apple and am very much looking forward to getting there. It is kinda sad though that I'll be leaving everyone here for 6 months. Apple is, however, taking very good care of me.  I will Read more [...]

Someone is trying to be me

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I start and end my day in the same room in Baldwin.  The 9am class is Network Programming.  The 3pm class is Wireless and Mobile Networking.  For the first 3 or so weeks of the quarter I sat in the same class for each class.  Second row/left side/furthest seat left for Network Programming and Fourth row/right side/furthest seat to the right for Wireless and Mobile Networking.  And it was good. One class I walk into my 9am Network Programming and realize Read more [...]

Fire at St. George

We could see the flames and smoke from our back lot some 4 or 5 blocks away. After throwing on jackets, scarves, and gloves, we ran down the street with cell phone cameras in hand. By the time we got there, many other people had gathered in the blockbuster parking lot, just looking up. Smoke filled the already dark night air and a gentle mist of water frosted our faces from the fire hoses doing their best to contain the flames. Everyone was looking at the same sight, the two tall steeples of Read more [...]

Voice of Michael

So an old buddy of mine from my days at Indiana University has started his career as a voice-over artist in Nashville, Tennessee.  He was (and I'm sure still is) an amazingly talented trombone player and quite a funny guy.  I have been through his site and love listening to his demos.  If you need, or know of anyone that could use Michael's talents, I encourage you to contact him. Best of luck Flowers! Link: Read more [...]