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This I Believe – The Universe is Conspiring to Help Us

I enjoy podcasts. I get much of my daily news and some entertainment through this medium. One podcast that I subscribe to is the NPR: This I Believe series, which is people who write essays and read them telling what they believe. It is usually an interesting story that is heartfelt and uplifting. After this weeks was downloaded, I felt that I had to share it a little further. It is really that good of an essay. I am a person who believes that everyone is good somewhere within and that everyone Read more [...]


I got the bad news this morning.  I was sitting in my Computer Organization class and felt my phone ring, saw it was my recruiter and practically ran out of the classroom, hah.  Unfortunately it was for bad news, I am non-select for January IW boards.  The current plan is to get me some interviews with some higher ranking officers to get a few more competitive letters of recommendations.  Then my package will be resubmitted for consideration for hopefully February boards, or latest March boards. In Read more [...]

Fork Bomb

In my network programming class we are learning about processes and signals.  We have just recently learned about fork bombs.  I thought I would just share a little of my findings with regards to this intriguing concept. Basically a fork bomb is when you computer creates too many processes so that the operating system is not able to function.  On the wikipedia article, they give numerous examples of how to create these very simple wabbits.   I decided to give this a few of these a shot on Read more [...]

Just waiting…

It seems as though the SWO, SNA, NFO communities are finding out results from January boards.  I emailed my recruiter last Thursday night, and heard back from him Friday morning saying that he checks OTOOLS every morning for results from the boards, but alas, nothing for IW yet.

“But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.”
Romans: 8:25 KJV

New iPhone Locate me is just plain wrong

It was a fun day with the MacWorld 2008 Keynote presentation by the infamous Steve Jobs. He usually puts on a good show with some witty (and sometimes edgy) humor. Really the only thing that I took interest in was the iPhone updates. Firmware 1.1.3 has now been released, and I was quick to download and install it to my phone. Some of the new features are customizing the home screen with moving/adding icons, updates to movie watching user interface, map updates, and a few others. Back when I Read more [...]