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Flight Lesson 4 – and an amazing weekend

Today's flight was spectacular. The weather is amazing (wind was gusting up to 16 knots near Lunken, so it did get jerky during the pattern). There was a showcase of airplanes new and old out at Lunken today which drew a huge crowd. Although, it also brought a delay in my lesson departure.I met today my new instructor, Brian, who is a very fine person. With Richard's overly busy schedule, I was asked if I minded switching instructors since I'm still new, I'm flexible and obliged. We flew for Read more [...]

A …new… idea

So I'm not going to go into too much detail yet, however, I will say that the development of Singing Flyboy is going to be taking a slight leave of absence for the time being. I have something else up my sleeve. This new idea is a much lower maintenance plan which is always a good thing since I'm putting in 40+ hours at Kroger and 4ish hours in the sky and a rather large number behind the books in preparation for each flight lesson. My new plan is something I'm very excited about. This new plan Read more [...]

Flight Lesson 3

Well this was an exciting lesson to say the least. Tonight's lesson comprised of a few new areas.First off, we discussed the traffic pattern on the ground before getting into the plane and flying away. But also before flying away I got to do the Pre-Flight check list on my own (none too exciting but something new). After making a complete fool of bumbling self on the radio to both ground and tower at Lunken, we were off and heading NorthEast towards Clermont County Airport. By this time it was Read more [...]

Singing Flyboy?

Hey everyone,Just a quick post this time.I want you to have a sneak peak at my new site that I've been working on. It is just like I talked about in the last post, a way for me to raise money to help offset the cost of getting my pilot certificate. Check it out if you like. Its temporary home is on the Blarged Server. me know what you think!PS. If you can think of a better name that 'Singing Flyboy' please let me know... I'm not sure I like that name all Read more [...]

Flight Lesson 2

I just got back from flight lesson two.Things felt much more under control this time around. It's a good thing 🙂 My new adventure of this lesson was the radio.- Who am I talking to?- Who am I?- What I want to do...... wait for response- Repeat instructions back...Simple enough. Well I was nervous... ok, I was scared of the people on the other side of the radio. Hah, but it went just fine. I only had a few screw ups, I kept forgetting to tell them who I was on the response.This is going to Read more [...]