Too Much Time in the Kitchen

Wow, I never thought I would be one to cook this much. I used to think that cooking meant making Ramen Noodles or microwaving American Cheese on top of a slice of bread. It is nice to feel a little more confident in the kitchen. At least my husband will eat pretty much anything. I’m also getting better about being not quite as picky but still have a long way to go. Like the other posts, these are all recipes that were found on pinterest. As always the recipe can be found by clicking on the name of the recipe.

Bubble Up Enchilada:

Does a can of enchilada sauce really exist? I used the packet of enchilada seasoning and mixed with 8oz of tomato sauce instead. My husband said this was one of his most favorite meals that I have made!….On my next grocery trip I did find enchilada sauce; who knew!

Easy Shepherd’s Pie:

Made with 2 packs of instant mashed potatoes. Easy to make!

Pizza Bites:

Finished off a bag of pepperoni, I have no idea how much it ended up being. Could’ve used more in each bite I think. Accidentally cut the first loaf into 12 instead of 24 pieces so had quite a bit of cheese leftover but that is ok because I love cheese!!!

Strawberry Croissant Rolls:

The hardest parts were getting the fruit roll up out of the wrapping and cleaning the fruit roll up off the pan. It is a good idea to clean it off the pan before it cools. Wouldn’t have guessed the filling was fruit roll up. Thumbs up! There were punch berry fruit roll ups in the box too so I tried it with those. I have to say the strawberry ones were better.

Pepperoni Cheese Bread:

I tried to roll out the biscuits, but had a hard time making them into a loaf. It broke apart pretty easily after being made, which was neat. Husband loved the dough being biscuits.

White Cheddar Chicken Pasta:

Only so-so, but I think that is my fault. There was a bit of a crunch to it, which I am thinking was the onions. Looks like those needed to be cooked longer. Otherwise it was not too bad. Will try again sometime. Used half an onion, mozzarella cheese, and regular mustard instead on the sauce.

Lazy Day Stew (Slow Cooker):

Bad choice to eat on a hot day after a run. It tasted better the next time we had it when we were not broiling. Also made Teriyaki Chicken and Savory Chicken on the same day (also on the website). There is a gallon bag of the stew in the freezer along with 2 gallons of each of the other two. It is nice to not have to cook and just throw it in the crockpot. Will update when we try the other two.

Chocolate Croissants:

Took it out at 11 minutes instead of 12 minutes because it was getting pretty brown. It was a little burnt so need to take it out earlier next time. It was “so-so”. I burnt the chocolate icing too so just used chocolate syrup.. I know its not the same but I did not care. Ha, not my best moment with cooking.

Spinach and Chicken Stuffed Shells:

I used half a cup of spinach instead of a full cup. I took the noodles out too early and noticed they were still pretty hard. So, I reboiled the water and put the noodles in 6 more minutes. Despite my slight mishap, my husband still said they were very “restauranty”. All in all, I’ll consider it a success.

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